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Step 3:  Once your first program is over the next layer of imbalance will arise and I will create a  new program  for you. This process will continue until you feel completely renewed. The length of time needed for each person is dependent upon the amount of trauma inflicted. The longer the traumatic experience(s) occurred the longer your process will take.

Services-100% Money Back Guarantee

I am here to help. I am so sure that I can help you that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. This is how confident I am with my program and services. You have nothing to lose.

It’s hard enough to have PTSD let alone find someone who cares enough to help YOU.  I spent thousands upon thousands of my own money to find a solution to my previous problem of PTSD.  I’ve created something that works and is not only cost effective but, time efficient. My goal is to not only give people back their lives but to thrive. 

Step 2:  On your first appointment we will discuss your program. I will explain to you what to expect so there will be no surprises in your process. For example: if you are working with a remedy called “Staphisagria” you might feel yourself sleepy as you are processing through it. This is because it helps you to release repressed anger. It will help you to begin voicing your truth. We will also discuss exactly how the other remedies will support your inner change.  Most programs last 6-8 weeks (of course some can be longer or shorter). 

How do I get started?  I want my life back!

Step 1:  Call or email me to schedule your first appointment. Meanwhile, mail me a  sample of your hair  to the address on the contact page. I will use your hair sample and test to see exactly what remedies you presently need. Think of an onion and all of its layers. . We will always start with the last layer of emotional trauma first and move inward through a very safe and controlled program. It is up to you if you want to express what happened or not. Whether I know what happened or not my program will work for you. 

Fees: I charge $150.00 to put together your individualized case through my testing. I charge an additional $150.00 to discuss your 6-8 week program. The process to discuss your initial case usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. I will make sure your program is as clear as possible. You are welcome to contact me with any questions during your program.
I charge $75.00 an hour for anyone who feels they need additional homeopathic life coaching.
Please note remedies are not included in my service fee. Approximate costs for all remedies on each case are $80.00.  

PTSD Wellness

PTSD Wellness