PTSD Wellness

Why Perpetrators Hurt People: They get a charge, your charge to be exact. What is happening is a forced energy exchange that is clearly unequal and unearned. In layman’s terms it’s: “I’m taking your energy (which are your good intentions, happy thoughts, freedom to dream) and I’m dumping my toxic energy into you”. Perpetrators are too afraid to live out their own dream in their life so they interfere with other people’s lives. And in reality, perpetrators are true victims of their own fears and are spreading their mental/emotional disease to other normal people. 

The Victim/Perpetrator Bonds are Real:  The mental/emotional scars are the anchoring bond that creates the psychic link for the perpetrator to control the victim. An example from Rowan: When a perpetrator admits his wrongdoing the bonds begin to break. “My stepfather would never admit that he did anything wrong to me. Two weeks before my stepfather died I was having panic attacks and I couldn’t identify where it was coming from”. As soon as he died the panic attacks disappeared. It was his fear that was tied into me, not mine.  Another example we all see is the evidence of people committing suicide from bullying.

Rowan’s Story:  Rowan grew up in a very toxic home environment and had developed severe PTSD from the multitude of negative experiences. While this dynamic was happening her only desire was to find a way to change this situation.  Later on, through life experiences she has come to  realize PTSD  is our modern day epidemic .

I remember how hard it is to have had PTSD. So, I've decided to made it my mission is to help those who want to become better and get their life back.


 What Happens to Our Victims?  Our victims are left with  emotional/trauma scars that are similar to tattoos. It is very hard to  remove this toxic energy unless you have the right tools and  understand how to use them. Left untreated toxic emotions can  become part of the victims personality. Toxic fear overload becomes a  soul sickness. It’s a dark veil that conceals our victims from seeing all of  the help and opportunity that wants to come their way.  

Rowan’s Program Helps Break the Victim/Perpetrator Bonds and Emotionally Charged Memory Bonds: When the victim works on becoming stronger on the inside the lower vibrational energy shifts back to the original perpetrator where it belongs.  The emotionally charged memories become de-charged and the unwanted memories will begin to fade so you can rebuild a new life!   

Todays World:  According to Current Statistics: Sexual Violence and Abuse for Males is: 1 in 6. For Females it’s: 1 in 3. Every 2 minutes there is a sexual assault in the US.  In 2013 in the US we had almost ½ million in violent crimes and 1.5 million property crimes. Approx. 1.5 million arrests for drug abuse. 1.2 million for larceny and theft and 1.1 million for driving under the influence. 80,000 rapes. 14,196 murders. ½ million people in the US were reported in hospitals for self-harm. Suicides in the US are approx. 38,000 per year.  In 2013 there were approx. 800,000 suicides worldwide, that’s one death every 40 seconds. Since 2006 we have had 1,100 troops that have committed suicide from combat trauma. In the US 60% of men and 50% of women go through some type of trauma during their lifetime. We have not yet even discussed the fastest growing crime: Human Trafficking which is the 3rd largest growing crime on this planet. In 2012 the number was at 20.9 million, 80% of that is sexual slavery.

What in the World is Going On?  We have many problems in our world such as: bullying, molestation, rape, murder, suicide, lying, cheating and so on.  Part of our world is insane with fear. What is worse is living out your nightmare, or staying complacent and going along with someone else’s crazy ride and pretending it’s ok when you know it isn’t.  So what’s the problem? The problem is that we are all trapped into this negative matrix. This negative matrix is a multitude of lower vibrational frequencies known as fear. Humanity has been living with fear as far back as we know. It’s heavy, it’s sticky and dense and we have many people who are mentally trapped in this sickness of fear that creates mental/emotional weakness. We see evidence of it every day on the news, down the street, on our way to work, in our homes, it’s everywhere and we are all responsible for it. 

 Rowan’s Professional Background: Rowan studied health and nutrition in her free time while she was modeling in Europe. With the money she saved from modeling she decided to open a health clinic in San Jose. Her clinic had colon-hydrotherapy, live blood cell analysis, massage, reflexology, enzymatic vitamins and aromatherapy. Later on, she studied Pranic Healing (which is energy work) with Master Choa Kok Sui in Los Angeles. Additionally she studied massage and reflexology at California Healing Arts College in Santa Monica. She continued on by attending and graduating from American University of Complimentary Medicine where she studied Homeopathy, Herbs, Cell Salts, Essential Oils and Gemstones under her well-respected teacher, Dr. Richard L. Farr. With the assistance from the past owner of the school Dr. Kathryn White she was able to study and use N.E.T (which is a neuro emotional technique to release trapped negative emotions). She also self-studied various tools and used other modalities in many self-help books in her quest to not only self-heal herself but to also help others.